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      Buddy Bag Ambassador and Fund Raising

      Buddy Bag Ambassador and Fund Raising

      The Buddy Bag Foundation was founded in 2014 by Karen Williams who was inspired by an article she read whilst in Australia about 50,000 Buddy Bags being delivered to children in emergency care. After returning home she realised the huge need for this in the UK so created the scheme here to help the rising number of children entering emergency care after fleeing violent situations at home.

      The Buddy Bag charity provides these children with essential items like toiletries, pyjamas, socks and underwear, and a few comfort items such as a teddy bear which can make their transition into emergency care a little easier and creates a little comfort when all else has been removed.

      Katy Berrill, Director of Bid and Tender Support Ltd is involved in supporting the Charity with identifying opportunities for funding as well as supporting local fundraising activities in Milton Keynes.

      On Friday 11th November 2016, Katy is launching a Smarties Tube Challenge in association with TKing Associates and Linda Allen at Travel Counsellors. The Challenge will be to fill each tube of smarties is 25 £1 coins, this will buy one Buddy Bag for a Child who arrives in emergency care. As an additional challenge we are offering a night stay in London by Tower Bridge for a couple in February for the person who gets the most money into their tube of smarties….rolled up notes go further than coins!!

      If you would like to get involved with this worthwhile charity you can do so by donating, holding your own fundraising event, being part of the Buddy Bag Brigade, donating a product/service or by volunteering. For more information on how you can help make a difference or get involved, please click here to visit the website or call Katy at Bid & Tender Support on 01908 382414 to find out more.