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      Biztech Partnership

      Biztech Partnership

      By Katy Berrill
      February 3rd 2016

      In January, Bid & Tender Support joined up with Biztech Technology Forum, a peer to peer group of Technology leaders and professionals from the worlds of business, education and public sectors in Milton Keynes and SEMLEP.

      Biztech’s mission is to provide a platform and voice for the promotion of technology provision within Milton Keynes and SEMLEP. Biztech organises meetings, lectures and events of interest to Biztech members and the wider community; this fosters greater engagement within the community, and supports the growth of service provision within North Buckinghamshire, recognising that the vast majority of services required by those having business and domestic requirements in the area are all capable of being supplied by Biztech members locally.

      Our work with Biztech, as a member of the Management Board, will be to support and advise the group on identifying suitable funding opportunities for their activities and raising the profile of Milton Keynes as a hub of Technology and Innovation.

      Following on from the AGM in January, where plans were set out for the year ahead, it is exciting to see the Group grow and the objectives and ideas from the members come together to develop an offering that adds value, and promotes a community of shared knowledge, and experience.

      We will be speaking at one of Biztech’s ‘Ask the Expert’ Event – E Service (Procurement, Legals and Bids) on 14th April from 5.30 – 7.30pm at University Campus, Milton Keynes.

      For more information on Biztech, please visit their website: or call us on 01908 382414