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      Biztech Awards

      Biztech Awards

      We are very excited to announce that ComplianceManaged® has been shortlisted for the Best Tech Teamwork award at the Biztech BrightSparc and Digital Awards 2019.

      We launched ComplianceManaged® in April 2019 our new Bid & Compliance Document Platform – where you can manage and store all your documents needed for bids, accreditations, contracts and audits.

      As Bid and Compliance specialists, our expertise doesn’t naturally lie in technology and development. However, we identified a need to build a document platform to support our work and that of our clients. We reached out to Partners to bring our ideas to reality and ComplianceManaged was born.

      Our central idea/insight came from asking the following questions of clients:

      How do you currently keep your compliance documents? In multiple places accessed and amended by different people on different systems and in numerous locations?

      How can you tell if the documents are about to expire or are the correct version? Are your documents compliant for the contracts you’re working on? Do you have the current accreditations needed for that bid or have they run out?

      As a business we deal with many clients in the Construction and Healthcare industry and are often left chasing them for certain accreditations and documentation in order to complete their tender submissions on time. This can be a lengthy process obtaining all the information we need, checking it is in date and correct. We came up with an idea that it would save time for both ourselves and the client if all their documents and accreditations were kept in a central place where they could easily see what was due to expire and what needed replacing. No more messy folders with out of date files. This would also make things much easier when going to visit perspective customers as our clients would easily be able to show what certificates they hold.

      In order to build ComplianceManaged we needed to find the following expertise which was outside of our own skillsets and remit: software developers, website developers, graphic designers, Intellectual Property Lawyers, Video and Animation Producers. We wanted to build a high quality yet simple system which would make our clients lives easier. The concept was purely an idea that we had sketched out and needed an experienced software development to take those ideas in reality. To support the platform we needed a new website for this arm of the business and associated graphics for marketing materials and to host the platform online in the cloud.

      After 6 months of careful planning and a lot of testing and internal trials we have a system which is ready to go out to market, with 3 clients signed up in the first couple of weeks on 12 month subscriptions.

      Through our experience in supporting clients with bids and accreditation renewals, we have built a platform ‘ComplianceManaged’ to handle all of that for clients in one place, ensuring they’re up to date, using the right versions and fully compliant.

      In summary, ‘ComplianceManaged’ keeps an eye on the paperwork, while clients get on with what their company does best:

      • Save time and improve the quality of all your Bid and Compliance Documents
      • Secure cloud-based platform, compliant to ISO 27001 and encrypted ‘A’ grade status from SSL Labs
      • Streamline Auditing and Subcontractor Vetting Procedures
      • Accreditation Renewal Reminders and Support
      • Traffic Light Alerts and Status Updates
      • Includes Bid Library and Individual Accreditation Modules

      Having this software has increased productivity for both ourselves and for our clients. We are very excited about the future and what it will mean for our company

      We look forward to attending the Biztech Brightsparc Awards lunch on 22nd November and celebrating with the other shortlisted companies.