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      Bids with a Bang!

      Bids with a Bang!

      By Christine Brown, 2nd November 2016

      Over 400 years on and we still celebrate the failure of the infamous Gunpowder Plot every November 5th. But how do you make sure the impact of your bid makes a big bang rather than the disappointing sizzle of a soggy Catherine Wheel?

      Visual Impact

      Much like a fireworks show, it’s almost immediately obvious if you are attending a professional display or looking at an amateur production, appearances matter. While working through pages of bid responses, don’t forget to allocate some time to both proof reading and formatting the final document. If the bid allows you to respond in your own format, a professional cover page and well written introduction can set the tone of your response as a professional and capable company who is more than able to respond to the client requirements within the bid. Always run a spell check as a minimum, but preferably have a second person review the responses to make sure any obvious errors are corrected before submission as too many typos could make you seem unprofessional or lose you marks where your response isn’t clear.

      The Crowd Pleaser

      It’s simple really, the key to success is focusing on what your audience wants to see. What is the problem they want solved? What key words have they used in the invitation to tender about what they are looking for? Pay attention to the client’s wish list and pain points, these will usually be apparent in their background to why the tender has been released. Make it clear how you can meet all their desires and solve all their problems both in the introduction and throughout your responses to create the ultimate crowd pleaser.

      Make some Noise

      Think about how you can stand out from the competition. Focus on features or benefits you can offer the client that no one else can. Make sure to sell yourself without talking negatively about your competitors, you want to draw positive attention for the best impact.

      Sit Back and Enjoy the Show!

      If you need help to add that spark to your tender responses, or you don’t have time to run around lighting all the fuses to make it go with a bang, enlist the help of some external experts such as ourselves at Bid and Tender Support, from a quick review to full response writing services, we will make sure your response steals the show.