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      Bid Writing Series – Technology

      Bid Writing Series – Technology

      We have put together a series of blogs on Bid Writing within different industries to show how we can help and support you through the Bid Writing Process.  This week we will be looking at bid writing in the Technology industry.

      Tenders within the Technology industry tend to be lengthy, with sometimes over 45 pages of Technical Specifications and Requirements, which must be responded to, to demonstrate compliance with evidence-based responses. If you can’t show in your answer your system meets the requirements you will simply fail.   It is key in the beginning to ensure that your system offers the requirements of the buyer, if it doesn’t and can’t with future development then it would be a waste of time to continue with the bid.

      As is the case with many practical industries, where the service providers have a wealth of knowledge, there tends to be a lack of experience or time in the technology industry to write comprehensive answers explaining how the system achieves the requirements. Ensuring you have all the relevant registrations/ accreditation, such as Cyber Essentials, and that they are up to date, is key.

      Technology solutions tend to be very black and white, they either meet the requirements or not, and it is often a challenge for the service provider to fully explain the details on how it achieves and meets the requirements.  This is where outsourcing the bid writing and coordination process can help.  You can utilise experienced bid writers who can offer you the skills in bid writing to match your experience in technology.

      Data protection, information governance and security is a large area for concern and risk for buyers. A lot of the tender can be focused on these areas rather than the actual technology.  They want to know your processes, policies, procedures and disaster recovery approach, simply answering we keep your data safe is unlikely to offer confidence to the buyer, even if this is case.

      With a complete bid support package designed to flexibly meet the needs of each of our clients, we can offer a Tender Search Service, a complete bid writing, management and review package and most importantly the confidence that your bid is in safe hands from start to finish.

      So why not focus on what you do best and allow our Bid Writing Experts to help you and complete your tenders for you.  Whether it is help with the Bid Writing itself or simply offering a bid review service, Bid & Tender Support is here to help you. Please give us a call on 01908 382 414 or email us