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      Bid Writing Series – Technical Industries

      Bid Writing Series – Technical Industries

      Over the past 5 weeks we have been looking at bid writing within different industries and how this impacts on the tender process. In our final week of this series, we are looking at completing bids in the complex area of technical industries, such as Civil Engineering and Architecture.

      Different to the more practical construction and service industries, those industries offering more technically complex services and support face a different challenge when bid writing as they have to get across in the writing what they would normally offer in drawings or schedules of work.

      A construction firm can offer a plan of works based on the spec as the service they are offering is their skills to complete the construction, an architect is not going to produce detailed plans for a tender process as this is the service they are offering.  They therefore are going to have to explain the processes behind how they will complete the work and what they will provide in terms of their service when awarded the contract.

      The Technical Industry by nature is littered with technical language, that to the buyer may mean nothing. However, trying to explain Technical Services in simple language is not always possible and can mean the meaning and value in the Proposed solution is lost in translation. At Bid & Tender Support we have a wealth of knowledge in tender writing process, especially with Technical Writing, so can support you in reviewing or writing responses.

      With a complete bid support package designed to flexibly meet the needs of each of our clients, we can offer a Search Service, a complete bid writing, management and review package and most importantly the confidence that we are effectively managing each submission.

      So why not focus on what you do best and allow our bid writing experts to help you and complete your tenders for you.  Whether it is help with the bid writing itself or simply offering a bid review service, Bid & Tender Support is here to help you. Please give us a call on 01908 382 414 or email us