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    Bid Writing Series – Product based Industries

    Bid Writing Series – Product based Industries

    Continuing our series on looking at different industries that required our bid writing and review services, and the stumbling blocks that can be found when producing tenders for them.  This week we are looking at the tender process when the buyer is looking to procure a product rather than a service.

    Tenders for products tend to have a very detailed specification that needs to be met by a specific deadline.  From uniform to office furniture the buyer can have quite a clear idea of what they are looking for and, quite often, a low budget to achieve this.

    The supplier should also take time to do their research into the buyers policies and procedures for procurement, gathering information on their ethical, environmental and sustainability ethos, as this is critical to positioning the bid in a winning manner, this can take a lot of time but is worth doing and keeping in mind when writing the response.

    No matter what you are providing, whether it is Christmas trees, building supplies or lights, most buyers need to have confidence from your tender about your Supply chain management and procurement policies.  Do you have ethically sourced materials? How do you manage and confirm compliance of this? How do you manage your waste and recycling?

    Use the specification to ensure you meet the requirements, as with all tenders if you can’t meet the basic needs of the end client, then there is no point in proceeding to submit the tender.

    Using an external Bid Writing Consultancy can be a great way of ensuring you conduct thorough research, utilise that information effectively within the bid and ultimately meet the requirements set out by the Client.

    With a complete bid support package designed to flexibly meet the needs of each of our clients, we can offer a Search Service to find you suitable opportunities, a complete bid writing service, including the creation of polices and statements, management and review packages and most importantly the confidence that you have an extra pair of hands and eyes to ensure your bid has captured everything it needs to in a way that is high scoring and compliant.

    Use your time to focus on developing an offering the perfect products for your clients, let us as bid writing experts worry about writing and managing your Bid and Tender responses.  Whether it is help with the Bid Writing itself or simply offering a bid review service, Bid & Tender Support is here to help you. Please give us a call on 01908 382 414 or email us info@bidandtendersupport.co.uk