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      Bid Writing Series – Construction

      Bid Writing Series – Construction

      Every industry is different and with the constant pressures to be lean and keep staffing levels down to a minimum, finding the time and resources to complete bids can be challenging. We have put together a series of blogs on Bid Writing within different industries to show how we can help and support you through the Bid Writing Process.

      Tenders within the Construction industry tend to be lengthy, compliance heavy and the quality questions very technical and lengthy, with complex marking schemes.  There are a high number of highly skilled professionals within the construction industry and every extremely qualified company can complete the physical projects but lack the skills (or more commonly – the time) to complete what can be a lengthy tender process on top of the day job.

      The first challenge facing you is finding the opportunities you want to win.  With so many portals available for buyers to use to advertise opportunities on, it is easy to miss them. Plus the emails you can get from portals with recommended opportunities on often miss the mark and are in fact not suitable, or the suitable ones are buried in the middle of so many that you discard you can easily miss them.  It can be very time consuming searching through pages on Contracts Finder or TED.

      Once you have selected the right opportunities you need to check you meet all the criteria set out in the tender documents, ensure you have all the relevant registrations/ accreditations and that they are up to date. From CHAS and Safecontractor to ISO accreditations the list of tick boxes you need to comply with can be overwhelming.

      In outsourcing the bid writing and coordination process, you can utilise experienced bid writers who can offer you the skills in bid writing to match your experience in construction.  A construction firm may have the wealth of knowledge and experience required to win them the tender but without the ability to successfully get that information across to the end client on paper, they will reduce their chance of success.  With a complete bid support package designed to flexibly meet the needs of each of our clients, we can offer a Search Service, a complete bid writing, management and review package and most importantly the confidence that we are managing it.


      So why not focus on what you do best and allow our Bid Writing Experts to help build the foundations of success by completing your tenders for you.  Whether it is help with the Bid Writing itself or simply offering a review service, Bid & Tender Support is here to help you. Please give us a call on 01908 382 414  or email us