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    Bid Reviews – the three steps to success

    Step 1

    Bid Reviews – the three steps to success

    A key stage to any bid is the review process. It is also the process in bid writing that can cause the most controversy.

    To some people, bid reviewing is simply proof reading the documents and making amendments to typos. This is where most people are wrong-.  Whilst it is important that the document is grammatically correct and formatting is consistent – it is key that the reviewer has as much understanding of the tender as the person writing it.

    We would recommend carrying out three levels of review in the timeline for each bid.

    • Strategic review
    • Technical review
    • Submission review

    Timing is key to a successful review; you need to factor in enough time for any review and then time to action any changes following it.  Implementing a timeline from the start of a project, with all stakeholders copied in, will help keep everything on track and ensure there is enough time to complete it.

    First review – this review takes place with all stakeholders and is a great way of ensuring knowledge of the bid and its requirement are shared.

    • Review and plan the structure of the response- use the mark scheme and specification
    • Plan the content – look at the criteria and restrictions, font, word counts, limits.
    • What will competitors do? – can we win this work based on our strengths?.
    • What statements of evidence can we use?

    Once you have carried out your strategic review, the next stage in the tender writing review process is the technical review, which we will cover in next week’s Blog.

    At Bid & Tender Support we offer all aspect of Bid & Tender reviews, so if you are interested in outsourcing to our expert bid consultants please contact us today by calling 01908 382 414 or emailing info@bidandtendersupport.co.uk