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      Bid review – the three steps to success

      Bid review – the three steps to success

      Following on from our blogs over the past two weeks, we take the time to look at the final review stage, looking at the high level.

      At this stage in the tender process you have completed two previous reviews, the structure of the response and the Red Review of the content.  Management have been involved and amendments made as required.

      This final review normally takes place the day before submission and the focus at this stage is about taking it from great to amazing.

      Now you’re confident in the content and the details, you need to take a white glove to the documents and really proof read:

      • Does the document read well?
      • Is the narrative the same throughout?
      • Spelling and grammar check
      • Confirm word counts against word limits
      • Ensure formatting is the same
      • Are all documents that are required complete?
      • Consistency throughout


      This stage can be a great time to get an independent bid writer to review your work.  They will read it with a fresh pair of eyes and look at it from the angle of the assessor. Once the review has been made, it is time to submit and know that you have done everything possible to win the bid.

      At Bid & Tender Support we offer all aspect of Bid & Tender reviews, so if you are interested in outsourcing to our expert bid consultants please contact us today by calling 01908 382 414 or emailing