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    Back into the Dragons’ Den

    Back into the Dragons’ Den

    Our Director Katy Berrill, returned to the Dragons’ Den on Wednesday 14th November, this time as Head Dragon to lead a team in the judging and investment process for the first stage of this year’s Young Enterprise competition. The event saw a number of teams from schools across MK come together at Milton Keynes Academy to pitch their business ideas to the Dragons’ Den Style Panel with a view to securing investment and feedback on their ventures.  The Dragons’ Panel was made up of local business owners, directors and leaders with a variety of skills and areas of expertise to provide a range of perspectives to students.

    “The event showcased the passion and innovation within the next generation coming up into the business world, and it was exciting to see ideas and plans come together. What I found most impressive this year was the confidence and extent to which teams had researched their ideas, resulting in detailed and convincing Business Plans being presented for our consideration”, said Katy after the event.

    Bid & Tender Support continues to support the next generation in and around Milton Keynes with other commitments including the Young Enterprise Year 8 Information Day in December, and the Can Do Woman Programme at Milton Keynes Academy. This is set up to support and mentor young women to achieve greater levels of confidence and self-esteem.