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    Are you responsible for achieving business growth?

    Are you responsible for achieving business growth?

    Let’s face it in the current economic uncertainty, achieving business growth has never been more important.  Therefore finding new ways to increase your opportunities is vital, along with a commitment to stand out from the crowd.

    Before you go out there and try and win any job that you ‘think’ you could do, have a strategy, know what opportunities you are looking for to fit that and aim for those.  Your business is unlikely to achieve growth without having a clear strategy of what you are looking to achieve, how you will achieve it and when you want to do it by.  As with any development the best way to achieve your big business growth goal is to set out a plan with smaller goals.

    Once you have the strategy embedded into your focus you can then start searching for those opportunities that will help achieve the growth of the business.  Now where to start, there are a number of platforms for tender searching, some free and some that require subscription.

    We recommend using those Platforms that collate tenders from a number of different procurement platforms such as TED, Contracts Finder and B2B.  These offer a wide range of opportunities and are a great place to start.  There are also a number of industry specific websites, such as the NHS.  Block out some time in your calendar a few times a week and take the time to look through the opportunities with care.  Know the criteria you can meet, such as location, contract value, contract dates and the actual tender requirements.  You will find that you may need to register and download the documents to get the full details.

    Don’t forget its fine to think half way through the process that it isn’t in fact right for your business and to stop the process and find another opportunity.

    Remember time is precious and often lack of it can be the reason that businesses fail to grow, if you are lacking the time to find those opportunities in the first place then we can help with our Tender Search Service.  We will do the hard work for you, searching the many platforms out there and make sure we only send you opportunities that meet your criteria and you have the ability to win.  If you are interested in finding out more then please contact Katy on 01908 382414 or email katy.berrill@bidandtendersupport.co.uk