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    5 Reasons To Use Persuasive Writing In Your Bids

    5 Reasons To Use Persuasive Writing In Your Bids


    Persuasive writing is a powerful and sought-after skill, and there are many benefits and advantages to using persuasive writing when creating bids – especially for the most important or competitive opportunities.

    But why exactly is using persuasive writing so important? Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons.


    1. Bid Writing Is Competitive

    One of the clearest reasons to use persuasive writing in your bids is because the tender process is highly competitive. In this environment, winning more work can be challenging, and it is important to not only identify the right opportunities, but also to carefully craft each of your bids so they closely fit the criteria you are required to meet.

    Here, persuasive writing will help to convince the reader of your suitability for a role and emphasise the reasons why you are best placed to deliver the work being bid on.

    To maximise the effectiveness of the persuasive writing in your bid, it would be especially helpful to hire an experienced bid writer to guide you through the process, make sure you meet all the required benchmarks, and give you the best chance of success in a competitive marketplace.


    1. Budgets Are Tight

    With rising interest rates, rampant inflation, and many experiencing a ‘cost of living crisis’, people are having to watch their budgets. This is true both personally and professionally, as businesses must also exercise caution.

    In this challenging environment, it is therefore essential to use persuasive writing to boost your chances of persuading clients to part with their hard-earned cash and include you as an essential expense within their budgets.

    Be confident in the value you offer and the problems you solve. As a consequence, this will make your writing more persuasive, and improve your chances of success. Also, make sure to carefully consider how your business, service, or products will genuinely benefit your client, and then clearly communicate this.

    People are more than happy to spend money on things that will save them time and energy, or significantly improve their quality of life. Emphasise how you can help your potential clients to achieve this, and your bid will instantly be more persuasive!


    1. Readers Are Short On Time

    Decision-makers are often short on time, and the bids that are most likely to attract their attention are the ones that are written persuasively. This is because persuasive bids will give the reader all the information they need, without them having to work for it.

    The key here is that persuasive writing should be simple, clear, and confident in its communication; it should include all the relevant information without ever overwhelming the reader.

    Note too that it is far better to include only the most pertinent details in your bids, rather than adding in every point you can think of and then expecting the reader to find what is most relevant.

    By using persuasive writing to place your value at the front and centre of your bid, and to ensure that your skills are taken on board by readers, you will give yourself the best chance of standing out to time-poor decision-makers.


    1. Good Results Can Be Lucrative

    A key reason to use persuasive writing in your bid is that by using well-written, persuasive bids to elevate yourself above the competition, you can secure more work, increase your revenue, acquire bigger contracts, and grow your network.

    Then, by having greater experience and more prestigious clients on your CV, you will find it easier to attract the attention of bid readers and decision-makers in future.

    Not only can this help you to secure more work as a result, it can even begin a cycle where each contract you win is a bigger and more valuable one than the last!


    1. You Can Demonstrate Your Value

    It is vitally important that your ideal clients and customers completely understand how you could benefit them and their business, and persuasive bid writing will be highly effective in conveying this.

    Thankfully, professional bid writers are specially trained to absorb a lot of information, select the most relevant details, then craft the information into a persuasive and professional package that communicates your suitability for the best opportunities.

    When trying to outline your value in a persuasive way, consider each of your services in turn and identify the ones that would most benefit the client. Then, focus your bid on these areas, while remembering to keep the information clear, concise, and highly relevant at all times.