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      5 Powerful Ways To Save Time In Your Business

      5 Powerful Ways To Save Time In Your Business


      Time is arguably our most precious resource. Once spent, it is impossible to get back – which is why it is important to use our time wisely. In business, this is especially true.

      As an entrepreneur, you may feel as if every decision is made while rushing against the clock. But help is at hand! Below, we have outlined five simple but highly effective ways to maximise your productivity and save time in your business.


      TIP 1: Automate Key Processes

      A great way to save time in your business is by harnessing the power of automation. Begin by identifying some of the key recurring processes in your business, such as accounts, invoicing, bill payments, and more. The next step is to research whether any of these could be automated or delegated.

      Automating tasks can be a great way to add precious hours and minutes to your day, leaving you free to focus on more demanding or highly creative tasks that only you can do. However, be sure to regularly review your automations, so that you know they are still working as intended.


      TIP 2: Delegate Tasks to Experts

      When all that can be automated has been, the next step is to explore delegation. This isn’t simply about giving more tasks to colleagues and co-workers, instead it is about identifying who could specialise in a job and perform it even more successfully than you.

      As well as using your in-house team, delegating can also involve hiring outside experts and qualified professionals to help you. When used for key tasks and essential routines, this can be a great way to optimise your processes and boost your growth.

      Identify areas that are crucial to your business, but that you may not be able to give your full attention to — such as SEO, social media marketing, or accountancy, for example — and seek a qualified professional to help you in these areas.


      TIP 3: Task Batching

      Studies show that we expend a significant amount of energy simply by switching tasks. And the greater the difference in the type of task, the more energy we expend.

      This means you can save time and energy by grouping similar tasks together, therefore minimising the amount of energy spent in switching between them.

      Consider ‘theming’ your days where possible, such as by having a day for meetings and interaction, a day for uninterrupted deep work, a day for handling admin tasks, and so on. But otherwise, simply remain mindful of where you can schedule similar tasks together to optimise your energies.


      TIP 4: Clarify Your Goals

      There is no quicker way to waste time than to be unsure of what you are doing or why you are doing it!

      Stop this from happening by first spending time clarifying your goals. Identify outcomes and tasks that are meaningful to you and would have consequential results, then design a step-by-step action plan to achieve them.

      Then, when planning your days, or when getting off track, you can refer back to your action plan and know what needs to be implemented.

      By having goals that are meaningful to you and your business, your work is also far more likely to feel fulfilling — which is an overlooked but highly important aspect of remaining motivated and productive.


      TIP 5: Identify Your ‘Golden Hours’

      Do you know when you work best? Are you more able to concentrate in the morning, or are you more creative in the afternoon, for example? Or perhaps you’re a night owl who likes to burn the midnight oil!

      Whatever the times are that you’re most productive, get clear on your ‘golden hours’ and try to schedule them for your deep, complex, or creative work only. Tasks that need high levels of concentration are better left uninterrupted, so also ensure that you minimise any distractions – such as by logging off social media or leaving your phone on its ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, for example.

      Protecting the hours in which you work best is a great way to maximise both your time and energy.


      BONUS TIP: Take Refreshing Breaks!

      When striving to be productive, it is especially important to protect your health and wellbeing, both mentally and physically. Rest itself can be productive as it allows you to return to an unfinished task refreshed and energised.

      Schedule proper breaks and observe them strictly, and watch how your productivity, time management, and energy levels soar as a result!