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    5 Great Benefits Of Hiring Professional Bid Writers

    5 Great Benefits Of Hiring Professional Bid Writers


    Do you work in an industry where jobs are won through a competitive bidding process? If so, hiring a professional bid writer could be your way to achieving significant growth.

    Bid writers have a specialised skillset that allows them to ensure your bids are as persuasive, impactful, and effective as they can be — leading to greater levels of success and growth all around.

    But what precisely makes bid writing professionals so effective, and how could they help you and your business?

    Below, we explore five key benefits of hiring professional bid writers, so that you can assess whether they might be right for you.


    1. Bid Writers Are Persuasive

    Sometimes, businesses can overlook the fact that their bids need to be persuasive. This does not mean using elaborate language or overselling their value, but usually quite the opposite: utilising simple, concise, and effective language to convey the most pertinent information.

    Bid writers are experts at reviewing opportunities, selecting the best information to include, and presenting it in a way that is clear and understandable for the reader. There is a great temptation for businesses to include vast amounts of detail to communicate their value — but readers and assessors are often short on time and attention.

    A clear, concise, and pertinent bid is much more likely to be successful — but also more difficult to achieve. This is because the best information must be carefully selected.

    Here is where a bid writing professional comes in. Bid writers can review all your relevant material that could be included in a bid, select the best of it, then craft everything into a persuasive, professional package that will catch the assessors’ attention.


    1. Bid Writers Identify The Best Opportunities

    Many businesses waste countless hours and resources applying for opportunities that they are simply not suitable for. This is often because they assume that the more opportunities they apply to, the greater their chance of success. Sadly, the opposite is often the case.

    Bid writers can identify and select the most appropriate and exciting opportunities for you and your business. They will assess your suitability for each contract up for tender, then focus on putting in expert applications for the opportunities that would best benefit both parties.

    Do not waste the time, energy, and resources applying for every opportunity you see, as this will likely lead to regular rejections. Instead, allow a bid writing professional to identify and curate the best opportunities for you, before then creating carefully constructed bids that are tailored to each opportunity.

    This kind of targeted, highly customised approach is far more likely to result in success.


    1. Bid Writers Optimise Your Processes

    Many businesspeople find that using professional bid writers frees up time and resources to devote to other aspects of their business. This is because the bid writing process (i.e. identifying opportunities, preparing an application, then submitting it) is often time-consuming and very specialised.

    Hiring a qualified professional to do this will optimise the process enormously — making it as efficient and effective as possible, while also vastly increasing your bid success rate.


    1. Bid Writers Prepare The Necessary Materials

    The bid writing process usually involves the preparation of many different materials.

    This can include gathering all your official documentation (such as any accreditations and professional certifications you have), details of past clients and contracts, relevant current projects, case studies, pertinent facts and figures, as well as the core application materials themselves.

    Whether done digitally or on paper, this can be a time-consuming process in which mistakes are easily made but difficult to correct. That is why many businesses now entrust this process to specialist bid writers.


    1. Bid Writers Meet Deadlines

    Deadlines are a crucial part of the bid and tendering process. They are usually ‘hard’ deadlines that are non-negotiable, meaning that missing them can put you out of the running and not be considered for an opportunity – no matter how persuasive your bid is or how hard you have worked to complete it.

    Because of this, professional bid writers know the importance of meeting deadlines, keeping them at the forefront of their mind, and preparing applications within the correct timeframe.

    This ensures that you will never be excluded from exciting opportunities due to missing deadlines and not having the correct materials prepared in time. The frustration of preparing an excellent bid, only to have it not be considered due to a timekeeping error, can be immense. But thankfully, professional bid writers can help you to prevent this happening.