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    2017 General Election

    2017 General Election

    Whether we think this is a good idea or not the general election is happening and this is something we need to be positive about. You may think it will cause uncertainly and instability and of course many things will change over these coming weeks but whatever happens we will have a stronger hand in Brexit with unity because the lack of it will hamper further negotiations.

    Of course this may well effect public confidence and consumers will be looking for reassurance but this shouldn’t effect consumer spending negatively as a clear election result on June 8 can only be a good thing as this should alleviate all the uncertainty since the Brexit vote and we can move forward with agreements and negotiations.

    Teresa May’s decision to hold this general election should boost economic and political stability and hopefully encourage small businesses like ours to invest and support economic growth. So when tendering, be confident and strive forward to win that contract as we’re striving forward to help you achieve that with a well written and strong submission keeping the whole economy turning.