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      Corporate Membership with Biztech

      Corporate Membership with Biztech

      After three years of experiencing the benefits of being an associate member company, Bid & Tender Support has moved to full corporate membership and Katy Berrill has become a Board Director.

      Milton Keynes-based Bid & Tender Support has won public and private sector contracts worth more than £1 billion for its customers during the last decade and see the benefits, and potential, of the Biztech brand.

      “Over the last 3 years I have been able to work closely with key members of the business community in Milton Keynes,” said Bid & Tender Support’s founder and Director Katy Berrill. “I have also benefited from the link between education and business, given back through Ask the Expert events, networking and benefitting from an increase in knowledge.”

      Katy, who is also part of the Biztech management team, sees the exciting potential of Biztech and is taking a leading role in the technology forum’s current brand review, which fits with her new role on the Board of Directors.

      “I see the potential Biztech has and I am committed to ensuring Biztech realises its potential to bring the business technology community together to collaborate and make Milton Keynes an exciting and innovative place to do business.”

      Fredi Nonyelu, Biztech’s chairman, said: “Katy’s commitment to Biztech has been unwavering. As a membership organisation, we very much rely on the input of everyone involved. The old saying that you only get out what you get in is very true of Biztech. Katy understood that message from the very start, and her vision, effort and commitment to Biztech is appreciated.”

      Biztech members benefit from internal communication channels with their peers and corporate members gain valuable discounts to events and content opportunities on the organisation’s website.

      Fredi added: “But there is much more involved than that. The members who gain the most from Biztech are those who become active and take advantage of the connections and opportunities that the forum provides.”