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    10 Top tips for Surviving Christmas

    10 Top tips for Surviving Christmas

    With the Christmas period nearly on us we have been talking in the office about all the tips we have for surviving the Christmas period.

    We decided we would share them with you, so here are our Top Ten Tips to get you through all the cooking, visitors and hectic days coming up over the festive period.


    1. Prepare – If you’re cooking the Christmas Dinner, take the time to see what you need to prepare the day before. The last thing you want is to be spending the whole day in the kitchen and missing out on the festivities.


    1. Stay healthy, keep the germs away – Over the next few weeks you are likely to be seeing many different people, a prime germ spreading environment. So why not take a tip from the Royal family and wear gloves! Alternatively have the hand sanitiser and vitamin C at the ready! Then just in case make sure you are stocked up on tissues and day/night nurse!


    1. Fresh Air – Get out and go for a nice walk, especially if you have kids, it’s always a good idea to get out of the house and get some fresh air, it breaks up the day and blows the cob webs away.


    1. Games – Buy a new board game that all the guests can join in, something fun and different. For those with Children around on the big day plan a little treasure hunt in the garden, to keep them happy and entertained without the TV going on once the toys have lost their interest.


    1. Get everyone involved – Don’t do it all yourself/ let someone else do some of the work. Ask/ offer to help, many hands make light work.  Even the children can help, get them to help lay the table (may be keep them away from the best china and glassware!!) or get them to make some decorations.


    1. Gifts – There is always that moment when someone drops off a present you weren’t expecting. Have a few spare boxes of chocolates or Children’s toys wrapped and ready so you don’t feel guilty (and look super prepared!).


    1. Down to the ground with a bump! – Once the big day is over you can feel a bit down in the dumps so plan a few things for the days between Christmas and New Year. A nice walk, or meet up with friends so there are still things to look forward to. (for those with Children it will also break up the school holidays).


    1. Help – Sadly not everyone has a great Christmas. If you are able to, see if you can help out those less fortunate, give something to a foodbank, see if you can volunteer over the Christmas period somewhere, or even just check on an elderly neighbour. Something small can mean so much to someone else.


    1. Rest – With such a busy time it is important that you take some time to put your feet up and get some rest. Watch all the programmes you have recorded and haven’t watched, PJ’s days can be the best!


    1. Enjoy – Spend time with family and Friends, have a drink and have some FUN!!


    We hope that these tips have been helpful and that you have a fantastic Christmas period. From Everyone at Bid & Tender Support.