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      Case Study 103

      Website Design

      Web Design
      About This Project

      We helped a local website design company with a tender proposal back in 2019.  They had been contacted by the Buyer and asked to submit a response to a tender to deliver a new website.  Our Client had limited experience on completing tenders and wasn’t sure where to start, so contacted us for help and support through the tender.


      We started off by examining the tender documents and understanding the buyer’s requirements. Unlike with public sector tenders this was for a private company who had produced their own tender documents. In order to put together a winning submission the requirements of the end client had to be fully understood first.


      We produced a draft document, with all the requirements laid out.  We when discussed with our client the required information that was needed from them and also the key requirements of the buyer. These were very specific but with a very comprehensive tender brief and some careful planning it was easy to match the response to their need.


      After collating all the information from the client we then went about producing the tender response document, as with all our work the documents go through a number of stages before we reach the final draft and key to this is working with our client to ensure they are happy with the documents.


      As this tender was for a website design the buyer was very clear on some of the aspects of design they wanted and specifically asked for example designs within the response.  We ensured that our client had everything they needed to meet the brief on designs to support the written response. Throughout the process we offered feedback where we felt refinement of the design was needed to ensure compliance and a high score.


      We successfully completed the tender and the client submitted direct to the buyer.


      We were delighted to be informed the client was successful in securing the work as a result of scoring the highest quality mark for their response.