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    Case Study 102

    IT and Network Infrastructure Case Study

    Business, Information Technology
    About This Project

    In early 2019, we were asked to support a Client on securing a large IT and Network Infrastructure Contract for pub chains across the UK. This would enable pubs to offer free WiFi to visitors and guests at the pub or restaurant. By collecting specific details of those who are using the WiFi and tracking usage and access securely, the Client can then use this information to send targeted offers and incentives to revisit and encourage spending during each visit. This is all completely opted in and GDPR compliant access in return for use of the WiFi Network.

    Our Client would provide the support and required infrastructure to achieve this. They are a growing IT company offering cybersecurity, networks, communications and hybrid cloud services.  With local teams based all over Europe to ensure that service delivery is located to their clients.  Customer service and providing each client with a bespoke service is at the heart of their business.

    This tender was identified with only a week to the deadline and with it being particularly complex with the Service and Technical delivery aspects to consider our role was to lead the Bid Management and collation of content from relevant contacts across the business best placed to answer the Client requirements and specification.

    Our process included a whole team kick off meeting and access to shared files, in the kick off it was agreed who would be responsible on the client side for sending us specific information in relation to the questions being asked. We provided daily updates and revised versions of the response to monitor progress and keep pressure on those providing content.

    The whole bid at 57 pages was turned around in 5 days and the client expressed their deepest gratitude for our support. Without which they felt there was no chance they’d have been able to coordinate and collate the quantity of information required in the format and response style requested by the end Client.

    Our work involved Bid Writing new content and also supporting with Bid Management and coordinating content from other sources into a final coherent proposal for submission.