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      Case Study 103

      Long Term Client

      About This Project

      Here at Bid and Tender, we support our clients in a number of different ways. Some like us to do everything – from registering on the portal and getting the documentation to writing all the responses and filing the final submission. Others prefer us to just review what they’ve written and submit themselves. The third way is to work in full collaboration with each party working on sections (according to strength), cross-reviewing responses and then we coordinate all supporting documentation and file the final submission.


      Recently, we were delighted to assist with a long standing client’s application to join a well-known East of England educational establishment’s Building Repairs Framework. We had previously been involved with the first stage of the application (in which they were successful), however the second stage Invitation To Tender was much more involved and required a number of detailed technical quality question responses, method statements and supporting regulatory documentation.


      Once a project timeline was established, we allocated the various responses and responsibilities to team members within Bid & Tender Support and our client. Working together, with frequent communication (phone calls, emails, file transfers) we were able to build a high quality response which covered all aspects of the requirements.  It’s crucial for a tender like this to manage workflow so that nothing is duplicated or missed – communication and managing expectations is key.  Working in a fluid and collaborative way that suited our client led to a solid submission and we were delighted to learn that, several weeks later after the lengthy evaluation stage, they had been successfully appointed to the Framework!