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      Case Study 7

      Recruitment and Related Services

      About This Project

      Sector: Recruitment


      Business Size: Large UK Business (51+ employees, UK only)


      Client Description:
      A market-leading Medical, Social Care and Education recruitment consultancy offer a range of accredited services across the public sector, providing highly skilled, compliant professionals in all grades and specialities, including short, long term and permanent positions.


      Problems Faced by Client – Why they needed our help:
      Due to a lack of time only generic responses were being submitted, these had grown tired and lacked innovation, the client needed assistance to win larger bids allowing staff to get on with their day jobs. We also managed the process whilst staff were away on holidays, allowing for this important process to continue without the worry of losing bids.

      It has been imperative that the organisation kept up with the competition.


      Services Provided – Meeting their needs: 
      The services we have delivered have enabled the business to go for more opportunities but maintain the high levels of quality they require to win. Our support has helped them identify where they can work more efficiently and effectively.


      We were able to provide a review of all current documentation and previously submitted tenders, giving feedback on areas of improvement. We re-wrote pieces of work specific to the current Tender Submission providing a fresh perspective of every day processes.


      Taking pressure off the Managing Director has allowed them to look at the bigger picture rather than being tied up with writing content. This has enabled them to work on not in the business to not only keep up with their competitors but to excel within its market and expand their work.


      Outcome of our Work – Improved Win Rate, Gained Accreditation etc.: 

      We have built a positive relationship receiving promising feedback. This has resulted in repeat business and the start of what we both hope to be a long term working Partnership. With our clear, precise and professional approach we have built the trust and belief that we can do an impressive job and win them business.