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      Case Study 133

      Net Zero Consultancy

      Business, Environmental, Net Zero Consultancy
      About This Project

      This independent energy and carbon management solutions provider helps organisations make significant financial savings, whilst complying with legislation, reducing energy usage and lower their environmental impact. They provide a broad range of services, including support for Net Zero Carbon planning and implementation, carbon footprinting and ESOS and other compliance scheme audits.

      Multiple government and public sector organisations are now looking for support to plan and implement Net Zero Carbon and the company has both the experience and expertise to provide this support. They have worked for many private companies in this field, but wanted to start tendering for government and other public sector contracts.


      Support to negotiate the tendering process

      While the company has a wealth of experience in carbon management, it was relatively new to the tendering process. They approached Bid and Tender Support for help to make sure that they were answering quality and social value questions in a way that would meet the client’s requirements.

      We requested a variety of information from the company for our files and held an introductory interview with them to find out fully what their business does, how it works, and what accreditations it holds. What was also really helpful to us was the client supplying us with feedback from a previous tender they had submitted. This gave us a steer on where they needed the most support and what we could do to help them raise their scores.

      Our next step was to assess the feedback and then the tender documentation to spot where there were holes in the information we held so that the company could provide us with more details. We held an online meeting with our client to run through the gaps and gain additional knowledge.

      After the meeting, the client told us that it was obvious where their previous tenders had not been scoring as highly as they could have done. They were simply not providing the level of detail needed and were making assumptions that their buyers knew more than they did.


      Addressing questions directly and specifically

      Having provided us with the information necessary to answer the questions in the tender, we went about addressing the specific requirements of the tender and ensuring that all elements were answered in full. Where we felt more detail was needed, we liaised with the client representative to gain more information.

      We advised the client about what to include in the tender and the supplementary information that they could add to show their own added value to the contract. Helping them to tailor items such as staff CVs to show the relevant experience and expertise, rather than submitting a generic document, was one of the services our client took advantage of.

      When it came to answering questions on social value, we were also able to take what the company was already doing (which was a huge amount) and explain it clearly in terms that the buyer would understand. In essence, the company had been underselling themselves in previous tenders.


      Proofreading and checking for accuracy

      Once we had all the questions answered, we gave their tender the final once-over to weed out any spelling or grammatical errors, and we fact checked anything that looked questionable. All that was left then was to submit the tender and wait for the award announcements.


      And we helped them to win

      The company’s most recent collaboration with BTS was for a tender to provide Net Zero Carbon planning and implementation support to a large Housing Association. With our help, they tendered for the contract and successfully won four lots.

      Their knowledge in the field of Net Zero Carbon combined with our expertise in creating tenders that meet buyers’ needs is a winning combination.

      We are now looking forward to working with the company in the future to expand their green company by helping them to write more winning tenders.