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      Case Study 107

      Medical Technology

      Healthcare Services, Information Technology
      About This Project
      Size:  Medium


      Client Description:


      An innovative technology company selling medical equipment and supporting cloud-based software to NHS Trusts and the healthcare industry.


      Problems Faced by Client – Why did they need our help?


      They wanted to be listed on the latest Government’s cloud procurement framework, G-Cloud 12 – being part of this would enhance their profile and enable them to apply for more public sector contracts. With just a short timescale before applications closed, and having only just started the first few questions (of which there were almost 100), they realised that it was going to take a large amount of time to prepare all the responses. These included detailed descriptions of their processes, procedures, the product itself and full IT compliance checklists, and they knew that they needed specialist help.

      As we have previously and successfully completed G-Cloud applications for other companies, we were happy to take on this project and assist them through the various steps to completing it.


      Services Provided – Meeting their needs

       An initial kick-off call was held with our point of contact in the company as to what their exact requirements were – including submission of three separate but similar products to the framework. To enable us to write the bespoke technical responses, we had access to their shared document library which contained all the information we needed to prepare a solid and informative response.

      As the information was spread across several documents of varying technical depth, it required solid research and pulling together of all the details from various sources prior to constructing the responses. As we are familiar with this type of task it was fairly straightforward, however we are aware that our clients would much rather get on with their regular work, knowing it would take them much longer and being unfamiliar with the requirements.

       We liaised with our point of contact on a regular basis, keeping them updated with progress and collaborating on the final edit. We also clarified any queries they had and explained details in regard to the framework’s specifications.  Within a short timescale, we had successfully compiled three individual applications with appropriate technical responses and submitted them ahead of the deadline, turning what had been a stressful situation into a positive learning experience for our client.



      Outcome of our Work – Improved Win Rate, Gained Accreditation etc

      We are pleased to confirm that they were accepted on to the Framework and have subsequently been accepted again on to the latest Cloud 13 Framework.