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      Case Study 107

      Legal Sevices

      Legal Services
      About This Project

      Size: Small


      Client Description:

      A small business specialising in Transport Law.  As a small business they are dependent on their reputation to secure the clients of tomorrow, so they make sure that every client is engaged with the process and kept well informed and the claims they make are all completely accurate.


       Problems Faced by Client – Why did they need our help?

      The DVSA released a tender for those interested in providing prosecution and legal services for the transport sector, with the intention of setting up a Framework with multiple organisations.

      The tender included a comprehensive quality section with supporting evidence of previous delivery and a pricing section.

      This was something they didn’t have a lot of experience of as tenders were not that common in their field of work.


      Services Provided – Meeting their needs

      We met with the client following a local recommendation from another law firm and discussed with them the areas of the bid they felt they needed the most support with.

      Following this we agreed the work and set about supporting them in collating all the information and evidence required for the response.

      On the final day we even went to the Client’s office and sat with them to coordinate and upload all of the information so they could be confident nothing had been missed and they were fully compliant. As a legal firm offering legal support – 100% compliance was essential on this tender.


       Outcome of our Work – Improved Win Rate, Gained Accreditation etc

       Our Client was successful in securing a place on this Framework and scored 100% on the quality element of the bid. This meant although their price wasn’t the cheapest they were still successful.