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      Case Study 53

      IT – Full IT solutions

      Information Technology
      About This Project

      Sector: IT

      Size: Medium

      Client Description:

      An established and trusted IT company offering a full scope of IT support including cyber security, cloud-based solutions, website building, apps and software solutions.


      Problems Faced by Client – Why did they need our help?

      Having previously worked with the Director at their previous Company, we were called in as the task of responding to Bids was again falling on this Director, who was already stretched time wise. There were gaps in industry accreditations, so a full audit of requirements was needed before proceeding with new accreditations.


      Services Provided – Meeting their needs

       We initially supported the client with 2 separate bids, following feedback from both these tenders they discovered they were losing out on compliance issues and accreditations which their competitors had. Rather than waste more time improving bids which were failing on such ‘tick box’ exercises, our sister Company KCS Compliance Services reviewed the best accreditations to ensure they can compete in their industry.


      Our work has now moved to supporting them in completing the process to obtain Cyber Essentials.


      Outcome of our Work – Improved Win Rate, Gained Accreditation etc

       We have still improved their capacity to respond to Tenders and select those which fit their offering. Once the accreditation is in place we can continue to support their work in securing additional contracts within the IT Support industry.