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    Construction Framework

    About This Project

    At the end of 2019 one of our regular clients asked for our support on a countrywide Responsive Maintenance and Void Property Framework application.

    As with a number of our clients they offer all the skills and experience needed to deliver these large tenders but do not have the office time or resource to complete them.   Working with Clients over a long period of time really helps establish a best practice approach to work, we have time to really get to know them and work on processes which work us and them in getting documents complete and sent in on time.  We also build a portfolio of information which we can use for tenders going forward which we call a Bid Library.

    As with any tender our first port of call for this project was to ensure that the client meets the mandatory requirements of the buyer, these requirements can vary from financial, company accreditation or memberships and location.

    After confirming that our client met all the requirements, we then moved on to the information gaps, in this case they were ‘Project Specific’ as we had a bank of information to pull from previous submissions completed for the client.  We worked through all the documents, and the quality questions and formulated a timeline of work to follow.

    We worked through the requirements in the specification and set out answer plans for each responses incorporating all the key messages and points required by the client. This approach ensures each response is tailored to the individual client, rather than a generic dump of information for every response.

    The client was successful in being accepted on the Framework and we have since worked on several other tenders for them.