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      Case Study 114

      Housing Developer

      Construction, Developer
      About This Project

      Size: Small


      Client Description:

      Our client specialises in building quality residential properties in excellent locations. From small developments and apartments, to one-off high specification executive eco-homes, the same level of meticulous planning and delivery goes into every build.


      They are an award winning property and development company that also specialises in delivering consultancy, architectural and contractual services to the UK residential development market. Services which include: Planning, Design and Build, Project Management, Contract Build, and Architectural Services.


      Problems Faced by Client – Why did they need our help?

      Having identified local authority development as an area of potential growth but with little experience locating and completing tenders, we were introduced to this client by an existing contact who felt we could support them with this process.


      They signed up to our tender monitoring service to receive notifications of new tenders and we helped them set up their CHAS accreditation and content ready for tendering.



      Services Provided – Meeting their needs

      Quite often on small developments the Bid requirements are quite relaxed and do not require huge amounts of detail. Due to the high standards our client delivers at they wanted the Bid to reflect their work and not just provide the bare minimum on a single sheet of paper.


      We looked at the Local Authority requirements and set out a response template providing them with what they has asked for plus some other information which we felt would be helpful in selling our client as the best fit for the works.


      We included plans and drawings for the project, background of the company, example case studies, profile of the Contract Manager and detailed financials.


      This ultimately gave our client a template for future works as well to adapt and amend each time.



      Outcome of our Work – Improved Win Rate, Gained Accreditation etc

      Our client was delighted with the document and it has secured them a place in the final shortlist for the work. The Local Authority actually commented on how impressed they were with the document and how professional the submission was and it had really stood out from the rest they had received.


      Since then the client have used this template on another opportunity – taking less than a hour to amend and put together because of the format and layout we used.