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      Case Study 47

      Health care Services

      Healthcare Services
      About This Project

      Sector: Health Care

      Size: Small

      Client Description:

      A consultancy business offering support services to help improve health and care services.

      Committed to working with health and care partners to achieve the best possible outcomes for all involved.

      Using all their experience to offer practical and value for money solutions, whilst increasing efficiency and building links between all parts of the Health Care Solutions.


      Problems Faced by Client – Why did they need our help?

      With a small in-house administration and management team and the majority of resources out in the field completing assignments, assessments and projects, there was limited experience and resource to complete bids in house. The client came to us looking for support in bid writing and sourcing suitable tender opportunities.  They had previously submitted a number of unsuccessful bids and did not have the resource to dedicate to this area to see the improvements they needed.


      Services Provided – Meeting their needs

      With extensive experience in finding, managing and writing bids in the Health and Social Care industry we offer an effective and relevant solution to the resource shortages within this client. Our services to support this client have included our monthly Search Service to find suitable opportunities, bid writing and review support, attending Bidder Briefing Events on behalf of the Client.   


      Outcome of our Work – Improved Win Rate, Gained Accreditation etc

       We have submitted three Tenders so far. The first was a win, the second is now at interview/presentation stage and the third we are awaiting a decision. In terms of quality so far, we have a 100% win rate.

      We will continue to support this Client with implementation of an ISO 9001 compliant Quality Management System through our sister company KCS Compliance and the writing and research for a white paper report in 2019.