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      Case Study 201

      Facility Management & Cleaning

      two curved office blocks, blue sky and trees
      Cleaning, facilities Management, window cleaning
      About This Project

      Size: Medium


      Client Description

      A medium sized cleaning company which was involved in environmentally friendly solutions and services to large buildings; in particular high rise properties.


      Why did they need our help?

      Working with a number of large property portfolios, the company wanted to continue to grow and as such was aware of an extremely prestigious tender which they wanted to apply for.  They knew their previous bids had been thin on the ground content-wise so came to us for a fresh pair of eyes and advice.


      Services Provided – meeting their needs

      We set up a call with the director and client manager to go through the questions, establishing the buyer’s needs (they were based overseas so cultural aspects had to be considered), data gathering and evidencing of previous works.  Previous bids had been extremely thin on information – visually appealing with graphics but vague content not answering the questions. We worked on maintaining this visual aspect but increased the information, making the response document a solid piece of copy and images in equal balance. It was a large tender which was in free form style so look and appeal mattered just as much as content.  The 50+ page tender we eventually submitted was an excellent example of us working closely with the company using our excellent copy writing and graphic design skills, constantly refining the document and having open dialogue and communication every step of the way so that they were thrilled with the end result.


      Outcome of our Work

      The company was also thrilled when they learned they had won the contract over other larger companies.   Their sensible pricing, combined with a thorough, tailored response that provided all (and more!) of the solutions the buyer wanted, resulted in a very prestigious win with which we’re happy too!