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    Case Study 303

    Construction, Developer & Responsive Repairs

    Three Yellow Tower cranes on a building site
    Construction, Developer, Repairs & Maintenance
    About This Project

    Size: Small


    Client Description

    A small building firm in the West London area which successfully provided all building services including plumbing and electrical to private properties.


    Why did they need our help?

    They had been happy working on smaller local private jobs but knew they had the skills to move into the public sector to work on bigger residential projects. They also wanted to move into this sector post Covid as it was more reliable and regular work for the company. They had tried bidding previously on other public sector frameworks but really didn’t understand the process or how to sell themselves in the best possible way, which is when they came to us for help.


    Services Provided – meeting their needs

    We worked closely with the director of the company, understanding how they worked, what they were aiming for and how to market them in a positive way with solid method statements and backed up by evidence.   Our in-house knowledge of building standards and requirements which we can put clearly into words came in useful and together with the practical input from the director, were able to formulate an excellent response for the tender for which they were applying.


    Outcome of our Work

    We were delighted to hear that they had been awarded the responsive repairs and electrical sections for the housing trust tender they had applied for, which has over 7000 properties, so they should be kept busy for a while!

    Should they ever wish to expand and apply for further tenders like this, or if you feel you would like to expand your company with our help, we are always here to answer your questions and support where we can.