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      Branded Promotional items

      Case Study 81
      Promotional & Merchandise
      About This Project

      Size: Medium


      Client Description:


      A family run business supplying personalised, embroidered work wear uniforms and promotional goods to a variety of clubs, schools, universities and businesses across the UK.



      Problems Faced by Client – Why did they need our help?


      The client was looking to grow his business and felt that tendering for larger contracts would be a good start.


      As with most smaller businesses, the client was time poor and wanted help to identify tendering opportunities, and support to provide the right evidence to answer tender quality questions.


      Services Provided – Meeting their needs


      Using our Search Service, the Client has tendered for multiple opportunities, winning many of them. We find the opportunities, provide assistance in making bid no-bid decisions and ensuring the company is best placed to win the work it requires to grow.


      Over the past six years, we have gained a comprehensive knowledge of the client and his business to the point where he considers us a part of his team. We have developed a bid content library for the company which facilitates a faster turnaround of the quality questions in tenders.


      Evidencing a commitment to quality and environment was a pressing concern for the client and, using our expertise in these areas, we supported the business to implement compliant ISO 9001 quality management system and an ISO 14001 environmental management system through to their certification audits – which were successful on first attempt with no minor or major non-compliances. We continue to support with this to ensure they remain compliant and complete the documentation required to maintain the system. 


      Outcome of our Work – Improved Win Rate, Gained Accreditation etc


      Our work with this client has been well-rounded from finding tender opportunities, creating bid libraries of content, supporting in compliance checks, implementing a quality management system and generally seeing improvements and efficiencies achieved across the business as a result of our work together.

      With our support, the client has seen recent successes including winning tenders to supply schools, universities and charities with branded and promotional goods.