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      Business Consultancy

      Business Consultancy
      About This Project

      For the last couple of years, Bid and Tender Support have provided a comprehensive search service  for a National Business Consultancy, letting them know about current tender opportunities which match their extensive consultancy criteria.

      Recently we sent over a tender for a Midlands based institution which needed support in providing business development advice services for start up companies.  This fitted right into a group of consultants’ remit and they confirmed they would be applying for the tender.

      It was agreed that they would do the bulk of the application with Bid and Tender Support reviewing once complete, to ensure the brief had been followed and all boxes ticked.  Tenders can be confusing if you’re not sure of the jargon or requirements – and this is where Bid and Tender Support come in.  We know what to expect, what responses to provide and we go through everything to make sure no documents have been forgotten.

      Once we received the first draft of the document we went through it to check that it answered the brief, spelling and grammar were accurate, and the Client team were shown in their best light. Winning tenders need to stand out from their competition.

      We then went through the required documents; at this time a mandatory questionnaire hadn’t been completed so we worked on this with our colleagues from the Client. If the above questionnaire hadn’t been included in the submission, it would have been a straight fail.

      It’s easy to overlook a document when you’re concentrating on what you do best – and this applies to all of the tenders we work on.  Bid and Tender Support makes sure everything is answered correctly and documents attached to the final submission, while you get on with where your skills lie; be it building bespoke properties, planning events or marketing business services. It can also become difficult to review your own application documents when you’ve been working on them for a while; it’s easy to become ‘word blind’ so a fresh pair of eyes from Bid and Tender Support is a reassuring support.

      To complete the tender, we did a final cross-reference that all requirements had been met.  Once we were happy that all information had been provided, we uploaded the documents to the portal on behalf of our Client (some tender portals can be very confusing and/or time consuming) and submitted the application.

      A few weeks later, we were asked to confirm some due diligence information which we did on behalf of our Client and were delighted to learn they had been successful in their application and had come first out of a strong group of 12 candidates.  Congratulations team, and here’s to the next win!