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      Case Study 105


      Construction, Property Services, Windows
      About This Project

      Over the last 4 years we have completed a number of tenders for a family run business who have over 30 years’ experience of window manufacturing, supplying and fitting with a nationwide coverage.  Our client supplies windows to a variety of customers including hotels, hospitals and for residential housing. They work to extremely high quality standards providing excellent customer service through establishing long term client relationships on long term public sector contracts.

      When we first started to working with this client they had won a large number of the contracts they were delivering in the public sector/social housing.  However, after completing several online portal submissions they had had very little success in being successful. The challenge they found was having little to no experience using and complying with these online portals and meeting the requirements set out.  At this point they decided to look into some external support and through a mutual connection were introduced to the team at Bid & Tender Support Ltd.

      We worked closely with the client on the first submission with them. This included visiting their office and walking them through all the requirements on the portal. We agreed which responses we’d support them on and although we provided training on how to access, use, upload to and submit via the portal, the Client decided to ask us to complete the portal for them as well, to avoid any errors or omissions. By ensuring a fully compliant response, as well as an already competitive offering we were delivering that the client was successful in securing this contract.

      Realising they needed assistance in completing all online submissions and that they did not have the skill set or time within their current workforce to complete them they have since instructed us to complete all online submissions.

      In 2019 alone,  we completed 12 tender submission for this client, with a 100% success rate including a large 10 year tender that was worth over £8million for the client. This was a two-stage process with completion on the online portal. We worked with the client on the quality questions, using information we had previously collated as well as getting specific information for this contract.

      The client was successful in securing the tender, although the buyer did question that the client would be able to deliver the quality promised for the price submitted. We helped the client to provide supporting documents and statements to prove the track record and resources to demonstrate how they could fulfil the requirements at the price submitted.