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      Case Study 9

      Structural Engineer

      About This Project

      Sector: Structural Refurbishment Contractor


      Business Size: Large UK Business (51+ employees, UK only)


      Client Description:
      This large multi-disciplinary structural refurbishment contractor has been established since the late 1960s. Working for Local Authorities, the MOD, National Infrastructure Projects, Bridges and Steelworks.


      Problems Faced by Client:
      The Client had been let down by another Consultant and was left with 3 weeks to put together a large bid which was a critical win for the organisation.


      With only one Bid Manager, the Client’s in-house resource was limited and it was therefore decided to find an external Partner to work with. They contacted Bid & Tender Support to find out if we had the resource, availability and expertise to help.


      Services Provided:
      We originally supported this Client in 2014 on a large prestigious and sought after Framework. The Submission consisted of a large quantity of Writing and Technical Input. In a very short space of time we were able to meet with the Client to establish the inputs required in the bid, write First Drafts and then conduct a Bid Review Meeting with the Client to capture improvements, additions and amends. By travelling to the Client for these meetings we were able to gather all the key members of the Team in one place at one time, to save us a lot of time.


      Outcome of our Work:
      We were successful in securing a place for this Client at the Final Interview Stages and subsequently a place within the Framework.

      We now have a Bid Writer on a 3 month interim Contract with this Client to manage the sheer quantity of Contracts and Frameworks in their pipeline in the coming months. This has been running successfully for 6 months.