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Case Study 12

Storage and Logistics

Storage & Logistics
About This Project

Sector: Storage and Logistics


Business Size:
Medium Business (11-50 employees)


Client Description:
SME/Start Up. The Company was formed in 2014, with the view to provide clients with a tailored partnership in a new concept of storage and logistics. They are able to break rigid boundaries that exists in transport and tailor their business to exactly suit Client requirements, no matter how large or small those needs may be. They work closely with clients to identify those needs and build a customised solution from storage, pick & pack to delivery.


Problems Faced by Client – Why they needed our help: 
The worst time to build your library of company information and update your policies to support tender writing is when you’re actually writing the tender. This fairly new company, who were in the middle of trying to complete an urgent proposal for a big client, had a systems crash with no back-up, they immediately needed help and we were able to assist them.


At short notice we stepped in to offer our professional services in the management, creation and completion of their documentation.


Services Provided – Meeting their needs: 
We received a hand written document following their systems crash which we formatted, typed up and document managed whilst supporting them throughout. By working together we enabled them to complete the Bid Proposal in time for submission at an important Client Meeting.


Outcome of our Work – Improved Win Rate, Gained Accreditation etc.: 

We successfully completed the work to a high standard in a short period of time enabling the client to bid for the current work. This Proposal will also act as a template for future Bidding of Work.