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    Case Study 126

    Playground Design and School Landscaping

    Playgrounds, Repairs & Maintenance
    About This Project

    Size: Medium


    Client Description:

    Specialist playground design and install contractor based in the Midlands. They cover playgrounds for schools, playspaces for nurseries, sensory gardens, SEND specialists and public spaces, parks and family attractions. They also manufacture the natural outdoor play equipment and focus on fun, as well as physical, social, educational and cognitive development.


    Problems Faced by Client – Why did they need our help?

    We were contacted by their Head of Marketing requesting we review a submission they had completed themselves. They were looking for ways to improve their responses after a run of unsuccessful bids.


    Services Provided – Meeting their needs

    They sent the completed tender response document to us for review a few days before the deadline.

    Our review consisted of making tracked changes to the document and providing comments on the document where we felt improvements could be made, omissions in the response and any areas we felt didn’t answer the question or needed further explanation.

    Being external to their company is an advantage when reviewing bids as it provides us with a similar perspective to the client who will be receiving the submission. We can critique the offering and ascertain whether it is clear, the value has been communicated and if there are any technical detail which may lose the reader.

    By providing comments and tracked changes we are giving our client the opportunity to take on board our suggestions and also learn from the exercise for future submissions.


    Outcome of our Work – Improved Win Rate, Gained Accreditation etc

    We continue to support this client in their bidding and their team’s development.


    Client Testimonial

    “The feedback is great and I agree completely. Thanks again for your feedback and turning this around so quickly!”