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    Case Study 69

    Mobile Workforce Solutions

    About This Project

    Sector: Mobile Workforce Solutions

    Size: Large


    Client Description:

    Working alongside a number of large corporations at the top of their fields they provide the most advanced mobile workforce solutions and performance analysis globally.

    With a proactive approach to providing a high level of customer service they ensure their customers get the most out of their investment into the software.



     Problems Faced by Client – Why did they need our help?

     Looking to develop their route to market, rather than waiting for the work to come to them they were seeking new ways of finding business.

    The Client contacted us looking to join the search service, being a niche business they wanted to see if there were opportunities out there for them.



    Services Provided – Meeting their needs

     The Client joined the Search Service and we were able to send them a number of opportunities during their time with us. Tweaking the search terms, locations and industries they would work in, helped to increase the rate of results. This was achieved through listening to the client, feedback and knowing our industry.



    Outcome of our Work – Improved Win Rate, Gained Accreditation etc

     After a year on the service, it was felt given the niche nature of their work, the tender opportunities were not their most effective route to market and investing in a more traditional business development function would provide a better Return on Investment. That is one of Unique Selling Points on the search, you are not tied into a contract, so if it doesn’t work or you wish to pause it temporarily – it is not a problem! Just let us know.