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    Case Study 109

    Environmental Consultants

    About This Project

    Size: Small


    Client Description:

    Dedicated to developing and delivering Net Zero & Low Carbon Projects, our client provides focused & transformational support that impacts across the process;

    • Short term assignments to kick start or re-energise a project
    • End to End Project Management
    • Financial Modelling & Funding
    • Audit, Monitoring & Reporting


    Problems Faced by Client – Why did they need our help?

    Faced with an extremely technical local authority bid with a very tight page limit for the response, their Managing Director contacted us to find out how we may be able to support in putting together a response. We discussed a number of options and presented the quotations for those different options so the client was able to make an informed decision on what their budget would allow and which service would be of most benefit to them.



    Services Provided – Meeting their needs

    The client decided to proceed with our support on producing a content plan for each response and then conducting a review of their work and responses against that content plan.


    We took each question and considering the mark scheme and client requirements set out the key headings and points to cover for each answer. The client could then use this to keep their answer focused, which was essential with such a tight page limit.


    We sent the content plan to the client and held a short conference call to run the plan to ensure they were clear on everything we had set out.


    Once they completed all responses, they sent the document back to us for review. They had a graphic created for the first question which was very useful for showing the process, which did answer the questions. But it also took up almost a page leaving only one other page to cover the rest of that question – therefore the client had gone over quite a bit and needed our help to advise on how to reduce the content down. When the document was sent to us it was also in the wrong font size, Arial 9 not Arial 11 as instructed! So we had to quite carefully (and a bit ruthlessly) review the content and really strip out any unnecessary content, repetition and make all the points succinct and direct.


    Outcome of our Work – Improved Win Rate, Gained Accreditation etc

     We were able to edit and review each response into the required page limits, whilst carefully checking the content plan had bene covered and therefore the answers fully addressed the question and met the mark scheme to score as highly as possible.


    The client was delighted with the final response and completed the final submission with their pricing.