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    Case Study 307

    Construction And Electrical Services

    Construction, Electrical
    bid Review, Bid Writing, Construction
    About This Project

    Sector: Construction, Electrical Services

    Size: Medium

    Client Description: We were approached by a client in the construction industry who carries out works on a wide range of properties. This client works with property owners across the board – from the commercial, industrial, and security industries, to public sector organisations, and domestic and social housing developers.


    Based in Hertfordshire, the client is a family-run electrical and construction firm that prides itself on delivering high-quality services founded on values of transparency, integrity, and ethical working methods to deliver exceptional results.


    They take a holistic approach to their work, boasting a fully integrated team that covers all stages of the construction process – from design and planning, to building and maintenance. They offer a comprehensive range of services to meet their clients’ needs, including consultancy, design, construction, electrical engineering, and facilities management.


    This client is highly versatile and has worked on a wide range of projects. They are committed to upholding ISO 9001 standards and strong site management practices while communicating effectively with stakeholders throughout the process to ensure optimal outcomes.


    Problems Faced By The Client – Why Did They Need Our Help?

    This client had several obstacles that they needed to overcome in order to win more bids. First and foremost, they are excellent electricians with a strong ethical and professional code of conduct – but they are not expert writers. As such, they required coaching and support to be able to formulate effective and engaging tender submissions.


    Secondly, they required support with – and explanation of – the necessary details in order to answer questions fully. This would allow them to score higher marks on their tender submissions, making it more likely that they will win contracts.


    They also required help to understand social value, and how offering greater social value would boost their chances of winning bids. This would not only improve their commercial opportunities, but raise their standing as a well-respected and ethical company within their industry.


    In addition, the company needed support to deal with portal inquiries, and we were able to assist by providing our expertise to help them submit tenders via bid portals.


    The Services Provided – How We Met Their Needs

    We provided several services to this client to help them bid for work more effectively, including:


    • Writing tenders on their behalf to secure more contracts providing Electrical Inspection Condition Reports, and remedial and emergency works for electrical installations – these include electric vehicle and LED lighting installations.


    We also assisted them by:


    • Registering and submitting documents
    • Searching for opportunities via our Bid Search Service
    • Submitting tenders on bid portals after full client approval
    • Providing quotes for the opportunities they want support with
    • Writing quality questions and filling out Selection Questionnaires for tender submissions


    We were able to build a relationship of trust and respect with the client, while improving our knowledge of the company’s processes and procedures, ethos, policies, and staff structures.


    Furthermore, by having a brief interview with the client to gain all the information we needed, and then writing and submitting the bids for them, the client was able to save significant amounts of time that they could invest in their core business.