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      Case Study 77


      About This Project

      Size:  Small


      Client Description:


      A small construction firm completing all aspects of building works, refurbishment and fit outs.


      Problems Faced by Client – Why did they need our help?


      The client contacted us as they were looking to expand their business and were interested in finding more tenders which matched their requirements, we therefore recommended the Tender Search Service.  Being a small company with the majority of time spent out on site they did not have the resource to complete this regularly themselves or experience of completing tenders. After finding them a number of suitable tenders they selected their first tender for us to support them through.



      Services Provided – Meeting their needs


      Using their specific requirements we identified a number of suitable opportunities and then supported them on their first bid including establishing a Bid Library and standard of compliance documents including Health & Safety.  The Directors of the Company were looking for guidance and support through the whole process.  We coordinated the tender process, and completed all aspects of the tender questionnaires, supporting documents and quality questions.


      They completed the Pricing workbook with guidance from us in terms of the specification and requirements.


      We provided templates for supporting documents and policies that the client did not already have.



      Outcome of our Work – Improved Win Rate, Gained Accreditation etc


      Following a successful period on the Search Service, they acquired a number of jobs which meant they had to shift their focus to mobilise the work and therefore they have paused the Search Service until they are better placed to win and deliver additional works.