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      Case Study 4


      About This Project

      Sector: Construction


      Business Size:
      Large UK Business (51+ employees, UK only)


      Client Description:
      Turnover approaching £45 million. 150 plus Employees across multiple sites. Manages the design and construction of buildings for public and private sector clients nationwide. From their offices across the South East of England they serve a great diversity of markets and industries with schemes which require new construction, internal and external refurbishment, alterations and fit outs.


      Problems Faced by Client – Why they needed our help:
      The company were undergoing an overhaul of the documentation of all Processes within the business from Construction through to Accounts, HR, Administration and IT. In order to achieve a uniformed approach and style to the summary Process Narratives for each Procedure they appointed us to design a template and provide the wording for every stage. The objective of the work has been to create a formalised documented manual which would enable a consistent approach to Inducting new members of Staff and ensuring existing team members are operating to the same standards.


      Services Provided – Meeting their needs:
      We have worked through each stage of the business documenting and researching every procedure to provide a well thought out Process Narrative which explains what the process involves, how it is carried out and why this needs to be done. This approach will also assist with the businesses quality accreditation and auditing exercises. With multiple sites it is essential to have one message regarding working practices within the business which everyone can follow.

      We have attended internal management meetings to help coordinate and manage the process through to completion. By using our services we have turned large quantities of documents around in relatively short time-frames. For example on one stage there were over 30 Processes to complete.


      Outcome of our Work – Improved Win Rate, Gained Accreditation etc
      On completion of the first stage, the template we created and approach we adopted were so successful and met the needs of the exercise that we were appointed to work across the entire business with multiple teams, managers and administrators to pull together the required information for the work.