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      Case Study 308

      A Healthcare Provider

      Healthcare Services
      bid Review, bid support, Bid Writing, healthcare provision, healthcare services
      About This Project

      Sector: Healthcare Services

      Size: Medium

      Client Description: The client was a healthcare provider that supplies domiciliary and home support staff to local authorities and NHS trusts.


      They specialise in providing a wide variety of healthcare services, including dementia and palliative care, complex health needs, and disability support, among other areas. They are proud to deliver responsive service with an emphasis on high-quality, compassionate care.


      The company had existing contracts in place but wanted to expand their opportunities, so had targeted a large multi-lot health and social care staffing framework.


      The project size for this client was medium.



      Problems Faced By The Client – Why Did They Need Our Help?


      Although this client had a wide breadth of experience in providing healthcare services for diverse and complex needs, they were concerned about whether they had the resources to bid for every lot that was up for tender.


      We assessed their capabilities and experience in detail for each area, alongside their growth plans for future development. Based on the information provided to us by the client, we were able to reassure them that they had the necessary expertise and recruitment ability across enough disciplines to make a compelling bid for all lots.


      This would prevent them from limiting themselves strategically, which could have hindered their growth as a company.


      We recognised there was a risk that this client might overstretch their finite resources when bidding for multiple lots. To manage this risk, we outlined how partnerships and staffing agencies could help mitigate resourcing concerns in the event that our client won multiple lots simultaneously.


      This support would enable them to effectively meet the demands of each contract.


      The client had solid experience of delivering responsive services and recruiting home support staff in these domains. As such, we agreed that submitting strong, customised bids for every lot would maximise their chances for success. We then explained how we could support them to tailor each bid response to the specialised requirements of each lot.


      Following our thorough review of the opportunities and risks, the client was reassured that they had the experience and resources to potentially win multiple lots with the right bid support.


      Our analysis gave them confidence in their capabilities and growth potential, enabling them to get fully on board with a strategy of bidding for all lots.



      The Services Provided – How We Met Their Needs


      Our team at Bid And Tender Support worked closely with the client to research and understand the specific requirements and nuances of each lot.


      We then helped them to develop customised responses that demonstrated their capabilities in areas such as dementia care, palliative services, complex health needs, and more. This involved shaping and polishing content and case studies to showcase their relevant experience in all fields.


      For each lot, our writers ensured that every bid response clearly demonstrated the client’s expertise, creativity, and dedication when supporting service users with unique needs.


      We carefully chose words, examples, case studies, and evidence to demonstrate to the assessors how our client could improve the quality of care provided in these domains. We also highlighted where the client had creative ideas that would help improve the standard of care for people with conditions such as dementia, autism, and complex disabilities.


      Our target was to make it clear to the assessors reviewing each bid that the client had a deep understanding of the needs of the care industry, and was committed to delivering high-quality, compassionate care for individuals with specialised needs.


      As a result, we were able to craft compelling and concise bid responses. These responses emphasised the client’s unique strengths and their passion for empowering vulnerable individuals, while meeting the objectives and evaluation criteria of each specialised lot being bid on.



      The Outcome Of Our Work


      We used a tailored approach to address each lot directly, ensuring that our responses effectively met the objectives and evaluation criteria. This meant we could ensure that the client was successfully appointed to all lots in the framework.


      This enabled the client to benefit from significantly more opportunities that fit their expanding services, and they are now in the process of recruiting over 20 new specialist staff to fulfil the contracts.