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      Case Study 76

      R&D Consultant

      Business Consultancy, Research & Development
      About This Project

      Size: Large


      Client Description:


      The client provides a range of accountancy and business advice services to cover many of the challenges faced by businesses today.  From book keeping, business planning, business growth support to acting as your sounding board in business.  With a specialist Research & Development Tax Relief Department which has identified over £90m of qualifying expenditure with regards to R&D Tax Relief.



      Problems Faced by Client – Why did they need our help?


      In order to strengthen the R&D Team they have engaged with a number of external R&D Technical Consultants to support their internal team of associates. This additional resource was to ensure the best service possible was offered to clients with specialists for each industry. R&D Tax Claims need to be supported with documented evidence of the Projects undertaken which involved some form of Research and Development.


      We were contacted by the client to work in Partnership with them to support with all R&D claims in the Construction and Built Environment industry. With our experience and expertise in this area due to the tenders we work in we are able to discuss and write up detailed and complex projects to support significant R&D Tax Claims.



      Services Provided – Meeting their needs


      The report which accompanies a claim need to be sufficiently detailed to explain to HMRC where R&D has occurred giving background to the project, details of the uncertainties leading to R&D, the associated activities and related outcomes. The internal associates put together all the financial and tax related elements of the report alongside our Technical Project write ups.

      We undertake an initial scoping meeting with the end client to identify whether R&D has occurred and appropriate projects to write up in details. This meeting is followed by a further in-depth Technical Discussion on each Project. We then go away and write up our report using similar skills employed when we write bid and tender response. Our client has an ex-HMRC inspector heading up their Team and therefore the experience and expertise in this Team is second to none.



      Outcome of our Work – Improved Win Rate, Gained Accreditation etc


       We have worked as a Technical Consultant with the Client for over 18 months helping secure them over £2million in fees which equates to approximately £9million in R&D Tax Relief from the government to their end clients. We attend quarterly training and team meetings on site, further developing our processes and working methods to improve win rates.