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      Lone Worker, Gas Detection and Safety Monitoring

      Case Study 66
      About This Project

      Sector: Lone Worker, Gas Detection and Safety Monitoring


      Size: Medium


      Client Description:  The leading company in safety monitoring technology and lone worker connectivity in all job types and scenarios.


      Problems Faced by Client – Why did they need our help?


      The client team did not have time to spend looking for tender opportunities but were looking to grow the business. They were referred to our service to help monitor the market for relevant tender opportunities in a very niche sector.


      Services Provided – Meeting their needs

      They joined the search service mid 2018 and gave us a profile of work target areas, locations and specific key words to search against. Our Search Service alerted them to any opportunities via daily alerts. In addition to this we supported in registered for tenders which were of interest.


      Outcome of our Work – Improved Win Rate, Gained Accreditation etc


      The client has been with us for 9 months and we have identified and sent them over 25 opportunities, which in a niche market is a significant amount that would not have been found without the Search Service.