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      Casestudy 33

      Specialist Construction Company

      About This Project








      Client Description:

      One of the largest specialist construction companies in the UK, having developed extensive knowledge of the flat roofing industry into total building envelope works.

      Although their roots are firmly in the roofing industry, their comprehensive list of projects involve complete building envelope works, as well as M&E, internal decorations and associated works is testament to their success and expertise in the general refurbishment industry, working as principal contractor for 95% of their clients.


      Problems Faced by Client

      With an ambitious growth and expansion plan, the number of PQQ/SSQ and ITT submissions sent out from the Company on a monthly basis, has far exceeded a comfortable amount to cope with internally at Peak Times. With the responsibility for completion sitting with a member of staff who has other key responsibilities in the operations of the business.


      Services Provided

      Bid & Tender Support were approached 3 years ago to support this Client, at first just in Peak times completing 1-2 bids per month. We were given access to the internal PQQ library which meant on receipt of a submission we could quickly collate information and complete either PQQ or ITT submissions – returning to the client so they just had to add the pricing/commercial elements.

      Over the last 3 years this has evolved with their Organisation growing to on average 6 bids per month, some just SSQ documents and others full ITT responses for large Frameworks.

      In addition to monthly bid writing and review work, we provide holiday cover – administering all Bid related work and on a day to day basis support the internal Bid Writer to ensure the bid work is manageable and successful.

      Our expertise and knowledge is also useful in Bids with more complex requirements, offering our support and advice on how best to proceed with completing a response.


      Outcome of our Work – Improved Win Rate, Gained Accreditation etc

      Working with this Client for over 3 years now, we have established an extremely successful approach to winning them more work. As a result the Company have grown by over 30% each year in turnover, and continue to secure high profile contracts and Framework places across the UK.