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    Tender Mark Schemes

    Tender Mark Schemes

    When writing your tender, there are elements which are like going back to education and sitting exams/submitting coursework – you need to remember to look at and use the mark scheme.  The mark scheme sets out in more detail what the Client is looking for, what they have given the highest weighting to and how you can score the highest marks. Most tenders packs come with the mark scheme but if they don’t then ask the Client to confirm what the marking scheme/evaluation criteria is.

    They will all look slightly different but the information you need to extract is the same for all tenders.

    • Weighting – Quality Vs Price
    • Scoring Mechanism/Brackets


    What are they looking for?

    To start with look at the weighting, are they looking for the service or is it the commodity. If the percentage is higher for the Quality than Price then they are looking for the service you are offering and vice versa if the weighting is higher on the price they are looking for the commodity.

    • Price – Ensure that you provide a complete price and that you have looked at any ongoing costs as well as set up.
    • Quality – Show your ability to do the job. Provide evidence that you have completed similar work before, make sure it is technical, shows compliance and acceptance of restrictions.


    Where next? 

    Look for the quick wins, there will be a number of pass/ fail questions that you need to pass to be compliant so look for these first and ensure you have relevant qualifications/accreditations/financials/insurance levels.

    Now break down each question one at a time, what are the maximum marks available, again the higher the number the greater the influence that question has. Also know what the highest scoring question is, if there are 10 points available for one question but the other questions get 5 then this will be where you need to ensure you focus your time and resource, rather than leaving it until last and risk running out of time. All questions have to be given due care and consideration, but the scoring mechanism can help you prioritise your work.

    What now?

    Once the tender has been submitted it can be a waiting game for the outcome. Positive or negative look at and ask for the feedback, look where you did well and where you didn’t so next time you can write that winning bid!