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Case Study 26

Office Space Design Company

About This Project

Sector: Office Space Design Company


Size: Medium


Client Description:

This well-established client has racked up over 75 years’ combined experience in workplace consulting, design and architecture. These skills span the project lifecycle from inception to completion and beyond.


Having an in-house production team and network of supporting expert advisors, enables them to respond rapidly without compromising delivery or quality of service.


Projects are throughout the UK


Problems Faced by Client – Why did they need our help?


The business is built on a foundation of supporting external experts and consultants supporting the in-house production Team. There is no internal Bid Writing Resource, with work completed by the Managing Director.


This meant a lack of time to write and compile Bid Responses.


Services Provided – Meeting their needs


Support to the Managing Director including Bid Planning Meetings, Bid Writing and Bid Reviews. We have worked on a number of Tender/Proposal Responses with a combination of Writing and Review Work.


With a large amount of creative and technical input required within the Tender Response – our role was to work closely with the Client to capture those aspects of the Response into the format required by the Client as well writing supporting text around the creative and technical elements.


Outcome of our Work – Improved Win Rate, Gained Accreditation etc


Our work has meant the Client has secured an extended Contract and Final Interview following successful a Tender Process.