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    Case Study 14

    Financial Planning and Wealth Management

    Financial Services
    About This Project

    Sector: Financial Planning and Wealth Management


    Business Size:
    Large UK Business (51+ employees, UK only)


    Client Description:
    With roots firmly established in the financial planning and services sector with over 40 years of providing financial and protection advice to both personal and corporate clients they have had plenty of practice at understanding, finding and implementing solutions to achieving clients’ needs and objectives. The company has experience in many industries including healthcare.


    Problems Faced by Client – Why they needed our help:
    The company were winning many tenders in the private sector but were struggling to translate this into wins in the public sector as the requirements were strict and information had to be precise and answered in accurate detail.


    The whole procedure was different to what they were used to and with a lack of time they kept failing to entirely meet the requirements thus needing external assistance to put together a winning, professional and detailed tender.


    Services Provided – Meeting their needs:
    We were called in to undertake a Bid Review for a document they had already prepared, amending and adding details where necessary to maximise on the score, allowing them to submit the tender with confidence.


    Having built a good relationship with the client we very much look forward to working with them and preparing and reviewing bids in the future.


    Outcome of our Work – Improved Win Rate, Gained Accreditation etc.: 

    We have now introduced them to a method which will help produce winning Tenders and continue to pursue work in an area they have previously failed to capitalise on. We can confirm the Client has now successfully won a big Contract and are through to the Final 2 on a Second large Contract, for which we have support them on both Submissions, with a Third now in the pipeline.