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    Get Bid Fit

    Get Bid Fit


    Having decided that it’s a Yes to the bid, you need to set about producing the tender documents.  In the same way you have to be fit to win a marathon, your business needs to be bid fit to win a tender.

    It is important before tendering that your business is ready, as the tender submission deadlines can often be tight and the documents themselves can be long and time consuming to complete. Here is some helpful advice that could save you time when preparing your tender submissions and to get your business bid fit!


    The training plan…

    • Have a central shared file system that everyone who will need it can access and also agree a maintenance schedule to keep documents up to date.
    • Set up a file structure to save generic documents, policies, accounts in. This will save time in finding them each time and make it clear and easy to find documents when required.
    • Agree a Management and Maintenance Plan – so that content is reviewed and updated regularly
    • If you have any previous submissions then save them in a file as they can be a great starting point on new tenders.


    The Training …

    With your file structure ready to go, fill up all the internal files with:

    • Your Company Registration Number and details, PSC (person of significant control) if applicable, dates and addresses.
    • DUNS number.
    • VAT Number (if applicable).
    • 2-3 years Previous Full Accounts in PDF.
    • Up to Date Insurance Certificates (Employers Liability, Products and Public Liability and Professional Indemnity as a minimum), also any business Certificates may apply such as Cyber Security.
    • Electronic Signatures of directors or anyone else authorised – this makes completing documents quick and easy and is widely accepted (consider security around access to this in your Organisation)
    • Policies – Quality Assurance, Equality and Diversity, Environmental, Recruitment, Training, Health & Safety, Anti-Bribery, Corporate Social Responsibility, Data Protection are the core ones everyone should have. Your industry may require others.
    • Accreditations, Professional Registrations, Qualifications and Certifications held by the Company. Keep a file with all up to date Certificates
    • Case Studies and References – include Client Name, Point of Contact with Contact Details, Dates of Project, Value of Contract and Description of Contract – Confirm with Clients if you are using them as Reference
    • Testimonials
    • Team Information; CVs, Organisation Structure, Previous Experience.


    Final prep …

    • Have some master documents ready to go, you can quickly adapt these rather than re writing new ones each time.
      • Method Statements
      • Example Outlines
      • Programmes, Plans
      • Delivery Models
    • Templates for your Services
    • Service User Forms and Documentation
    • Manuals, Guides and Information for Systems
    • Performance Statistics and Management Information Report Examples and KPIs

    Race day…

    Now you are ready to complete the tender, you have put in all the hard work and you have the resources around you ready to Win.


    Remember if you need some more support in getting ready or finishing the race we are here to help, so give us a call 01908 382414  or email us info@bidandtendersupport.co.uk and add to your support team.